SONNET 14–Aubade

Sonnet 14 – Aubade

Awake and with metered hand part the drapes,

for heaven’s child approaches coy and shy,

his presence told by the vague probing shapes

of half light that now bid the night goodbye.

Darkness bows with grace and steps aside

as the celestial prince commences day

with a steady flow of luminous tide,

edging over the land to chase the grey.

Then will the infant light, his task now done,

melt away becoming part of our morn,

hidden within the warm brilliance of sun,

there to languish until again he’s dawn.

Though he can only ever remain young

endless songs of his beauty will be sung.

8 thoughts on “SONNET 14–Aubade

  1. Love every bit of this! Soft and warm just like the breaking dawn. A beautiful morning song. You always choose the best photos to accompany your words, too. Were you still going to do the blues thing with sonnet 13?

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    1. I’ve written sonnet 15 – the blues, but I’m not sure, it reads like every blues song…..but I suppose that’s the blues ha ha, and I’ve got some music in mind for sonnet 13. I’m very interested in rock songs as there’s more scope with fade in/out effect. The natural world effects are better compressed/subdued and the poem laid over the top but songs are better faded in/out. You must be super pleased with your recent work Lynn, I honestly think they’re brilliant !

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      1. Ha, yeah, the blues does have a distinct feel, although so many different genres. Do you like Hozier at all? I think his song “Jackie and Wilson” has a bluesy feel. Many of his songs do. I don’t know if you’ve heard that song, but someone once said to me, “Oh, he’s singing about the baseball player.” Ha! I said, “I’m pretty sure he’s singing about Jackie Wilson, the musician, and not Jackie Wilson, the baseball player.” I mean, one only has to listen to the way the song is played and the lyrics to know that. The other blues tune that comes to mind is “Talk To Your Daughter” by Robben Ford. I’m much more familiar with the Bulletboys version of that song though. Both equally good tunes. Rock songs do work great with the fade in/fade out effect.
        You definitely have it down with how to use the different effects! I’ve been thoroughly impressed. There was one the other day that had an impactful end line, I think it had something to do with something ending, and the music stopped right before you spoke the last line. I’ll have to go back and listen again to find it. I thought it was a very clever use of the effect.
        Oh, thank you! I have liked the latest pieces. The muse one took me a few days to work out. Didn’t feel like much of a tumbler, and that always makes me wonder if I’ve lost my voice somehow. I value your insight very much!


      2. Teasers don’t feel the same but certainly don’t mean you’re losing your voice, it’s when a door been knocked and left ajar rather than open by other passing thoughts, or you can’t turn the lock cos’ there’s too much chatter. My money’s on JW the soul singer but then I don’t know nowt about baseball.

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  2. Another wonderful Sonnet Nigel. There is something magical about the dawn and you have captured the feeling in your poetry. A poetic balance to the one written by Mr. Larkin.

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