8 thoughts on “VOICES 5

  1. More wonderful gems! I can’t get enough of listening to these. The music is chosen with as much thoughtful care as what you put into your words. Perfect selections, all of them. Sonnet 12 is very tender and moving. These are meant to be enjoyed again and again.

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  2. I feel like a child who has found a chest in the dusty corner of a long abandoned attic. And upon opening the chest, eyes widening at the unseen treasures within. These art pieces are remarkable. I’m too excited to type now, will just sit quiet contemplating this attic find !

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      1. I guess it’s not the time to admit I’m coulrophobic eh? I’m sure your clown doesn’t wear the makeup though (although there is nothing too alarming about a man wearing makeup 😉). I will tentatively approach your comical persona 😊

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