I was asked by Charlie of Charliesays if I would mind recording a poem of his. Of course I said it would be a pleasure, especially as I get to choose which piece. However this being Mr Hasler’s work I had to choose two at least ! I hope you enjoy the two I’ve chosen, both powerful, both in the Hasler style and both the work of an Alchemist of word.

NP Smith

Blushing Lungs


It is what it is



      1. Deal then ! today’s project, but I’d like you to pick which 2 though ! I don’t know, I’ve noticed this before, there’s some weird celestial stuff going on and I picked up on a throw away news item that told of two massive solar flares which is why the weather’s freaking out, wonder if it affects the human brain waves, it certainly can radio etc. The poets collective subconscious ?

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      2. I’m still looking. Maybe something old, something new? I wrote down 4 as possibilities but will narrow it down some more. Oh, it could certainly affect the human brain waves. Being linked so closely, I’d say so. For me, not much has tumbled in days. I get what I feel is a decent idea and then it just sits there.

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      3. Okay, that was tough. My list of 4 grew to 9 and then I had to go back through again only to discover I wasn’t sure about any of them. ‘Too long, too short, too weird.’ But I think I finally have 2 and 1 alternate that I hope work for you. I couldn’t seem to find anything more recent that I thought worked well so I went with Illusionist from May 18, and Porcelain Moon (July 17). The alternate, if you don’t like one of those, would be Middle of the Night (it’s a villanelle on June 22). Let me know what you think.

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  1. Nigel, thank you so much, very taken back by this, feels a bit surreal having my words read back to me. I look forward to playing this to my parents, they will love it.

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    1. A pleasure, that’s what I hear reading your words Charlie, that’s what I’m always on my soap box about, the words must stimulate the imagination/intellect . All I’ve done is to try to capture that process and present it in a way I hope others can share but Charlie, it’s in your words that the magic lies, everything else is ‘tinsel’.

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  2. Reblogged this on Charlie Says and commented:

    Nigel Smith is a superb poet and writer, we enjoy each others work very much. I recommend you check out his page if you haven’t already.

    I asked Nigel if he would be kind enough to read some of my poems and he very kindly took me up on the offer. Take a listen.


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