SONNET 15–the Blues




Sonnet 15 – The Blues

Many a poor boy was born on this side

to look with a longing over the tracks

while a life of toil with no easy ride

was slowly but surely breaking their backs

Some never make it and some turn to crime

others fight on wanting better to see

a future where there are no streets of grime

and live in a place where they want to be.

If you make it, then don’t you look back son

but walk tall and just remember this place

and how from the back of the pack you won,

running with iron shackles, the rich man’s race

And no matter what always keep that smile

as you pound that track for mile after mile.

11 thoughts on “SONNET 15–the Blues

    1. Thank you Lynn, when I read it again it clicked so I didn’t need to alter it. I’ve more or less stopped sleeping again (new meds) and I’m down to 2 hr per night for last 4 days, starting to feel proper yuk so if I go quiet for a bit you’ll know why and not think I’ve got a new hobby or farcebook ha ha !

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      1. Yes, it’s perfect! Oh, that would feel yuk. Take a rest when it comes and as needed. Haha, farcebook! That cracks me up. I’d wondered if you were on there and then you mentioned it yesterday. Funny how that happens.

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      2. I was wondering the same. It is good for distant friendships. I happily concede that, but here in the uk it’s endless posts of people eating, drinking, pets and kids, anything that falls under the category of ‘look at me !’ . I’ve unfollowed my local friends, I know they were out eating chicken korma last Saturday…..I don’t need proof via a photo on my homepage…..I just really don’t give a shit ! Ooops Nige is a bit tetchy & tired ha ha

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      3. Yes, it is good for that. I mostly keep up with my oldest son and his girlfriend who live in Pennsylvania. He doesn’t post much at all, but she does. She and I have always been close since we first met in person years ago. There is a whole lot of the ‘look at me’ mentality on there. Haha, I feel the same way. If it’s not the food or pet pics, it’s the vague ‘only two more hours’ or the forever sharing every thought and feeling they have. ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I’m so upset’, ‘It’s raining’. Do these things really need to be shared with the world? Farcebook isn’t going to help with any of those things.

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