Were I a ship of sail my canvas would drape,

sulking from no sport save occasional flaps,

restless timber would groan against it’s shape

goading slack rope to sudden hemp snaps.

I would be a plaything for currents deep

at the mercy of stagnation’s siren scream

trapped inside an empty waking sleep

becalmed on the seas where Poet’s dream.

21 thoughts on “BECALMED

      1. It’s going to be a tumbler for sure, I can feel it coming on haha. And there I was ready for bed for an early start tomorrow. 🙂
        Goodness, are you up early or did you not sleep?

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      2. Oh dear – this is an alarming byproduct of medication. I’m just a bit of a vampire intermittently, when emotions (or hormones) are awry. But never just 2-3hrs, that’s horrid.

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      1. I’m a poet (of sorts) but I also work in the medical field – so atypical comments like this sometimes emerge hehe! Please delete if you don’t want a permanent memory of excrement on your post 😊

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      2. I think you’re ace too! Now to divulge a secret – I’ve recently become the proud owner of a new motorcycle. A gorgeous Triumph Scrambler! Being British and classic I had to give him a special name. In your honour I have called him Nigel 😊

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      3. I’m glad you weren’t offended by such an odd gesture. It was after I heard your voice reading your poems. Now if someone asks me why I named my bike Nigel I’ll say “well there is this amazing chap who is a wizard of the word and ….” 😊

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