UISGE BEATHA– an ode to the water of life

UISGE BEATHA – an ode to the water of life


You are a communion with the very essence of all,

a sacrament, which by peat tinged burn is blessed,

purified in copper bellies, time patient for the fall,

the slow alchemy drip of nature’s magic undressed,

revealed as a child, to be nurtured with awed care,

revered as the water of life, gifted by heather hill

and deep glen, carried far on the cold highland air

imbued with voices of the past that you carry still.

Whether naked in clear glass or cloaked in green,

we revere your aged wisdom, stoically ever there

an old friend who has our triumphs and falls seen,

always ready with warmth and comfort to share.


9 thoughts on “UISGE BEATHA– an ode to the water of life

      1. It is! And has there ever been a more beautiful ode? I think not.
        Yes, still becalmed. I decided to try the first week of Harrison quotes that I didn’t write anything for. Thought it might jumpstart more ideas. Four stanzas probably took as many days.

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      2. I saw the faery book on FB, and I’ve used the name of a local beauty spot called Faery Dell, how about using the book illustrations, faery lore, dell, valley of desolation rebuilt by wee ones, just ideas I could never run with.

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      3. Sounds like all great ideas! A Rainbow in Faery Dell? That might’ve been the one I said needed to be framed so I could read it every day. I used to subscribe to Faerie Magazine. It’s a quarterly magazine that’s put together really well, and now that handbook is coming out in November. Pretty much can’t wait to see that when it does come out.

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