Lost love file


I found traces of my long past desires,

waiting in the night,

the faded and jaded embers of past fires

there at fall of light,

that once consumed my waking hours,

colouring my sight

not damped by summer’s final showers

piercing the bright,

with tiny pearls for fay meadow flowers

red, blue and white.


These unfulfilled wants haunt me still,

every once in a while,

with what ifs and buts my mind to fill,

and my heart beguile.

An unquenched thirst is a bitter pill,

and a deceitful smile,

an eternal spirit that no man can kill

or ever put on trial,

and so linger as many a missed thrill

in my lost love file.

9 thoughts on “LOST LOVE FILE

    1. It’s about the missed opportunities for physical intimacy, lust not love but I wanted to veil that and avoid the word lust. Hence the fay meadow flowers symbolize real love, the real deal, complete package red = passion blue = peace/contentment white purity.

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