I expect a lot of you may have seen this but I was so moved, intrigued and generally awestruck I wanted to share. It is mainly about painting but as we know, the mind of the artist is similar whether painting, prose, poetry or any other form of art is involved. It gives a glimpse into the clown/artist connection and is overall a compelling short film.




3 thoughts on “JIM CARREY

  1. I hadn’t seen this. Glad I have now. You find the best stuff to share! Carrey is a talented individual. This is inspiring and makes me want to pick up the paints again. I liked seeing how generous he is with color. That’s the scary part for me, always wondering if it’s too much, not enough, or if the colors clash, but you have to be unafraid to just put it out there. That’s the way art should be.
    I dig the Jim Morrison shirt he was wearing in that one part, hehe. Also, loved that he said he wasn’t the type of kid who, as punishment, you could say, ‘go to you room.’ That was so me growing up. It’s where all my books were, my music, posters plastered everywhere. I can relate to the room being a personal heaven. Nope, the ultimate punishment wasn’t being sent to my room, but having to sit in the same room as my mom. She didn’t even have to speak, the silence was uncomfortable enough.

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    1. I love his art Lynn, and thought his take on the Jesus character inspired, he’s taken the good stuff from myth, rendered dogma and religion irrelevant and created a worthy philosophy out of a fairy tale ! I was looking at the sketches, cartoons etc on FB, it’s NOT boring at all, loved seeing snaps of the U,S, was hoping to see pix of your hubby, sons family but I got to see you in spex, they really suit you and I should know ! (Optician 30 yrs) Are you the lady on the sofa ? My room was a haven growing up, read and read all night !

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      1. It’s truly inspiring art indeed. Oh, thank you! I was really into drawing and painting for a while. I like to do it, but guess I like writing more. Have to find that balance sometimes. You might see snaps of Grapefest if I get the chance to go this weekend. That’s the wine festival I mentioned. I don’t think I have pix of all of them on my page, but they’re out there. I’ll have to add some. Keira, that’s my son’s (Tanner’s) girlfriend sometimes post things to my page. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out. Ah, the spex. I prefer my contacts but, yeah, I think those have to be my favorite of any frames I’ve had. Yes, I’m the one on the sofa. Same for me. That room was a special place.

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