The reference to the mirror is derived from divination. Folk used mirrors, water, flames, jet (stone) to gaze at and let the ocular muscles relax, which blurs the vision and removes one of the senses. A modern more ‘science’ based practice is sensory deprivation, using white noise, occluders . Whether mirror or not the idea is that by reducing, negating or removing one or more senses the brain/mind tries to compensate by altering brain wave forms which activate areas of the mind related to psychic phenomenon, (no opinion either way) or in the piece that follows the imagination .

In poet speak it helps open doors.

Clearly the following is not to be taken literally, the shade, ghost writer is part of oneself, muse or whatever . But then you knew that !



Ghost Writer

I will sit in front of a mirror benign

and stare past that facade of mine

and let focus reduce sight into blur

invoking my shade his magic to stir.

As colour swirls his presence is felt

and words, images and memory melt

into prose and verse which he cleaves

into beautiful poetry before he leaves.


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