The famous Yorkshireman’s advice to his son

A tongue in cheek saying as Yorkshire folk, in common with other Northern sorts are some of the friendliest, kindest people in Britain.


Northerner terrifies London  




Yorkshire dialect text spoken




The kindness of strangers


It was one of those days yet again

my hours filled with constant pain

when by chance on taking a seat

another soul I happened to meet

he was a kind but dour old chap

who nodded, his dog on his lap

they like a story up in the dale

and when I’d told my sad tale

he said

“You sith thi sen as nowt, brocken an’ all,

but I sith thi as no’but a lad proud n’ tall

tha’s in t’shite fo sure but all that aside,

what matters is what tha’s gor inside…”

And as he nodded and looking at his pup

“Reet, sithee ar kid, wiv got ale t’sup”


“You see yourself as nothing, broken

but all I see is a tall proud lad,

yes you’re certainly in the shit, but

that doesn’t matter compared to your

inner strength.

Ok goodbye, we’re going to the pub”


  1. You’re my absolute favorite in so many ways. Loved hearing both of these spoken. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Couldn’t we use more of that!
    Every bit of that video was hilarious. “I did not mean to be happy” made me laugh so much. After watching that, I came across the stand-up of Jason Manford. Watched a few different ones of his, but thought his ‘London for Northerners’ was particularly funny. I’d never heard of him, and wondered if you had and what you thought of him.

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  2. Great post Nigel. It was refreshing to hear that Yorkshire accent. The Northerner terrifies London clip is a classic. Sad thing it is actually true. My wife (who hails from Putney) said to me, “you will get yourself in trouble speaking to people you don’t know, all the time.”

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      1. I remember a pal from Devon, we were having a Jar in Leeds. He came back from bar wanting to know why I’d brought him to a ‘Gay’ bar because the bloke behind the bar had said ” wat canna get thi owd luv ” I admit, that one took a bit of explaining not helped by adding that south of Leeds it would’ve been ‘owd cock !”.

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