VOICES 9 – lost love trilogy

The following is a trilogy concerning a man’s struggle to come to terms with the death of his lover. In the first poem ‘I saw you there’ he is in complete denial, imagining he still sees her across a crowded room, on a park bench, always ignoring him, thereby suggesting she has merely left him and is still alive. Acceptance comes in the final verse. In “Where our love first caught’ he continues the healing process by visiting the park bench where they used to meet and fell in love but in a sense he’s still clinging on, afraid of forgetting her. In this final piece he visits the tree in the woods where he carved a sigil/sign of their love. On seeing it faded but still visible and now knowing, even after all this time that he can find it/her gives him the final comfort and assurance he needs to move on.








12 thoughts on “VOICES 9 – lost love trilogy

    1. Thank you Roland, it is indeed Satie on ‘where our love ‘ and ‘come dawn’s….’ the piece on ‘I saw you there…..’ is Etude 5 by Philip Glass . Yes virtually all the Voices are existing written pieces and certainly the trilogy are still on the blog under poetry.


      1. It sounded fine to me! I’ll be back to listen some more for sure. About to head out to the wine fest. Just wanted to spend some time with your new offerings first. The painting is going okay, slowly getting back into the groove.

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      2. I’ve got a load of new stuff ! I had one of my ‘let’s not sleep ever !’ moment’s….. doors flying open all over the place, unfortunately some erm… tear-jerkers so these + the V2’s and rewrite, 10 or 11 to post. Might leave it to next week to trickle em out. Neuro apt Monday, should be fun, NOT !

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      3. Yay for new stuff! Oh, not fun not being able to sleep. I suppose the plus side is all those doors that open. In a writing sense it’s good. Were these all new things you worked on on Friday? Can’t wait to see them.

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