A piece of prose on the body language of attraction.


Simple looks become a gaze,

eyes locked, held , just that a bit longer,

then sudden glances away when sense

briefly prevails, only to seek again

dilated pupil rush.

Head tilted on shoulder to rest,

porcelain neck, vulnerability, elegance exposed.

Movements made are mirrored.

Foot point arrow like, straight to the heart.

Finger touches mouth as hands adjust

cuff and collar. Gold cross held between

lips, sudden laughter, a hug fractions longer

and slightly tighter.

Brows drag eyelids extra wide,

a code to clarify,

then goodbye thoughts of yes or no.

10 thoughts on “UNSPOKEN WANT

      1. Ok I shall stop the sideways glancing and do the full frontal (with sunglasses). Nigel is splendid-a long adventure today on my valiant steed, casting aside the odd raindrop and zombie driver!

        Liked by 1 person

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