A CITY HAVEN–v2,written & spoken





A city haven


I know not the impetus,

kind thought or cause,

what intricate providence,

made me give pause.

It was

the briefest encounter with a hidden knowing,

a hushed vouchsafe,

as I watched the slowing of the world,

from that bench within the park,

accepting gracious gift, 

without remark.


I know not what manner of good I had made,

that warranted knowledge of this secret shade,

where a sacred and reverent stillness reigned

and where doubt and fear

gently drained.

8 thoughts on “A CITY HAVEN–v2,written & spoken

  1. Excellent poetry Nigel. This brought back many memories of my time in London, walking the beat. I found numerous sanctuaries like this, usually at night time, when London was a completely different place.

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