THE MOON – written & spoken




The Moon

In the quiet time, I sometimes watch her at play,

though often shy and peeking from the shade,

cheek kissed by the sun when he’s closed his day,

delicate shadows by her silver blue breath made,

that tease and trick my mind into giving them life,

with the choice of what form kindly left to me,

looking benign, no match for night, yet like a knife

her lunar rays pierce the dark ink and pull the sea,

dragging moody waters back and forth as she will,

while bathing mankind in her glowing lover’s rinse.

Known for beauty and the wishes she may fulfil,

adored at the start of time and adored ever since.

19 thoughts on “THE MOON – written & spoken

      1. One has to do with rain. It was from a prompt that I missed because, for some reason, I couldn’t even come up with something about rain. Day 3 of the Harrison quotes has to do with dancing, so I have an idea there, but still nothing that’s really presented itself fully. And I recently discovered univocalics so I wanted to try something for that. It seems even more restrictive than any other form I’ve tried. Oh, and the way some clouds formed on Sunday inspired a couples lines of ideas but so far that’s it. My brain seems to be on vacation somewhere and didn’t invite me.

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      2. I will definitely look more closely at the Harrison lines. I think there’s still 6 days worth of those quotes that I haven’t done. Ah, that is a good line and very inspiring. I have a couple of Patten’s books on my list of ones I want to get. Thank you, Nigel.

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