As a boy


Though sometimes memory is hazy,

I knew only words spoken in love

and how we would laugh like crazy,

my hand held by a big one above,

the Friday ‘running a bath’ sound,

faint radio voices floating around,

plump blackberries picked for pies

and your mock disapproving sighs

then there’s your smile…… ?


5 thoughts on “AS A BOY

  1. I like how the last line seems to take it right back to the beginning. The sensory details throughout are wonderful, Nigel. What a happy childhood that must have been. As they all should be. Those flowers make me think of tiny rays of sunshine.

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    1. Thank you Lynn, one of my other pieces is a re-write ‘what manner of man’ about the opposite type of childhood. You’re of course correct, we should all have idyllic childhoods, mine certainly was to the point I almost feel guilty. Hence I had to write to bring awareness to this sad fact. Funnily I used the same line as yours in the intro and this is the 3rd re-write, as I’ve never been happy with it. Finally, with this version I feel it’s ‘right’. I stripped it down to almost bullet point sentences, leaving out ‘the’ ‘and’ and other connecting words to try convey the unpredictable, sharp atmosphere of a boy living with an abusive parent.

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