In sickness and in health was the phrase

tripping off our tongues in better days

as we stood before family and friends

vowing to face what our fickle fate sends

But had we known what tragedy awaited

would we have lived on with breath bated

or would such a cruel poised poisoned dart

ready on a whim to strike have torn us apart

Of such matter can I clearly not say

2 thoughts on “BOWED NOT BROKEN

    1. Thank you Roland, writing is a life saver, the dark subject matter of some of my work doesn’t frighten the poet, I feel able to exorcise my demons within our circle to great personal benefit, whereas my local friends are embarrassed and really don’t want to be, understandably, in the shade I sometimes cast. Despite her own battle with cancer my wife has a network of close friends and finds relief and comfort that way. We are all different and I guess that makes the world more interesting.


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