Ours was a traditional church wedding



Church Weddings


Should it not seem an odd choice

of place for two lovers to wed,

frocked man with echoing voice

while outside lie all the dead.

Confetti floating over their graves

the man nailed to a cross

pamphlets saying ‘jesus saves’

and wreaths ‘for your loss’.

3 thoughts on “CHURCH WEDDING

    1. Thank you Lynn, I’ve entered one of my mad/manic phases where my mind won’t shut down, I’ve 9 pieces to post and have trashed another 5, please don’t feel obliged to comment on them. You and I are close now. It’ll pass but if I don’t post I’ll trash ! x

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      1. Most days mine seems to be stuck in neutral, but not the past couple of days which is good. You create some really amazing pieces. You know I love them all anyway. Close, yes, and for that I’m extremely grateful. x

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