Based on an experience


His hand holding the cap


I saw a man hit on the road passing ‘the Rose’,

crossing blind he had stumbled

and was then by car tumbled,

into the gutter where all that’s not wanted flows


Dashing to the scene where crumpled he lay

I saw he was an old chap

his hand holding the cap

that he’d worn with pride forever and a day.


Still awake though his condition was dire

his eyes looked at mine

and I told him he’s fine

but gasping he said I’m a dreadful liar.


I crouched down to be closer to his side

slowly he raised his hand

to kiss his worn gold band

then with a teary wink and a smile he died


    1. I was 17, walking back from seeing a girl, the ‘Rose’ is the ‘Yorkshire Rose’ pub. I heard the hit and saw him fall, put my Greatcoat over him. Strange but what upset me most was a. he was in the gutter but I knew not to move him. b his trousers had been partially dragged down c when he smiled I felt we knew each other, but I’m sure we’d never met.

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