Unfulfilled desire


does unfulfilled desire disappear ?

like snuffed candle smoke,

or ebb back within,

there to hide and wait

in a place of potential sin,

with it’s brooding intent.

only to reappear

ferocious and unrepentant,

seizing the calm, to begin

it’s work of persuasion,

at the slightest thought of her.


13 thoughts on “UNFULFILLED DESIRE

      1. A bit curt Ms Burton…… why I ask is I saw a picky with him and a Triumph bike saying he hadn’t named it yet. A week or two before Diana (wandering Arma) told me she’d just got a Triumph and named it Nigel, bit of entanglement ?

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      2. Oh, Nigel, I didn’t mean for that to be short at all. I’m sorry. I guess I was thinking about any posts that might be cringe worthy, that’s all. I was about to ask you why you’d asked and also mention that when you posted about the boy on the beach the other day, I knew that pic looked familiar. I remembered after you said it was your son that I’d seen it on fb.
        That is entanglement for sure. And what better name than Nigel?!
        But yeah, he does like his British bikes. This is his second bike, although the first was a Suzuki. This one is tons better of course.

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      3. Lynn, weird Brit humour, we find funny in everything, ginger haired people especially, I call my wife’s mum ‘the Dragon-in-law’ ! so no apology reqd ! It was a bit “Oh him !” which set me off joking !

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      4. Got to go colleen it’s getting light ha, while I remember, I’ve put all my music on hd so if there’s any songs anytime don’t be shy ! there’s 80 gb of music so I’ll send/fb odd stuff to see what ya think x

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