TEARS OF A CLOWN – written and spoken



Tears of the clown

a smile !


It permits pause between jokes both good and bad

it’s no carnival mask behind which we hide,

but it is a heavy drape so no one sees the sad,

and is not easy to pull aside.


The clown’s a good sort,

putting on his shows

humour is his only thought

that and the pain he knows.


Smiling always, never a frown

there run the tears, the tears of a clown.


6 thoughts on “TEARS OF A CLOWN – written and spoken

    1. Thank you Lynn, it’s a personal piece expressed in parallel with the story from the opera ‘ Pagliacci ‘ , The music is ‘vesti la giubba’ put on your coat/costume . Canio has found out his wife has been unfaithful, but is due to go on stage, so covers his hurt with the clown’s façade of painted face and costume , with a single drawn on tear…….the show must go on.

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    1. Thank you very much, I’d add ‘classy’ to superwifeandmummy. It is a truly great piece of opera and a favourite. I’ve written a poem on vesti 5 x now but could never be happy I’d done it justice so your kind comment is most welcome.


      1. Oh, you did this brilliantly.
        And thank you for my new epithet. It may make my username even more of a mouthful than it already is so I’ll just maybe put it in brackets?
        You can call me Maria.

        All the best!

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