Acid rain

What ever happened to the deadly acid rain

that was all the rage but now has gone again

we were all doomed said those science blokes

our umbrellas reduced to skeleton spokes

naked cats their fur burnt off by acid sleet

and drizzle melted faces dripping onto feet

I wonder if it will ever come back again ?

9 thoughts on “ACID RAIN

    1. Indeed Ben, I agree, where do we start my friend ? Man’s destruction of nature/Gaia, society, each other. Perhaps we’d have a chance if we could unravel everybody’s agenda and all start to sing the same song.


      1. Hi Nigel,

        thank you for your reply. We need to start to change ourselves .We must be the change,we must share positive energy around us, kindness,love.We must use our common energy to change the world,to change couple people around us,to change our readers .That will be our contribution to better world.That will be our fight against negativity , against evil in world and in people 🙂

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