CUT – Slang for canal


The Cut


Racing down to the cut,

a risky business at best, with nothing to stop the wet,

not rainy but drowning wet,

in olive grey still water.


there’s no bright painted barge in tribal colours,

with bucket and polished brass

and chimney smoke cough,

just the feeling of decay

with not even a hint of nostalgia or better day,

just decay.


We prod something with a too long stick,

too long for one boy

too short to ask for help,

we’re just making splashes

with a too long stick.


Staring, wondering, our heads all turn as one,

as a bloke passes laden with things.

He sets up base camp, with rods that catch

sharks, a tent, a seat and oh the boxes,

so many boxes.

It seems a lot of expense in coin and effort

to sit staring at the olive grey still water.


Someone’s dropped the stick into the wet,

because it was too long for one

and too short for help

we race back up from the cut.


5 thoughts on “THE CUT

    1. Thank you, considering how self critical I am (in a +ive way) I was surprised how pleased about this I was and that it was tumbler . I usually rely on rhyme but I’m going to prose for a bit……….but I do love a clever rhyme, my fave technique !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love those tumblers. It’s a wonderful piece! You do rhyme and prose both so well, so seamlessly. I love a good rhyme, too. Not sure why I don’t do it more often. Maybe in my own self critical ways I feel like I don’t do them as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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