Just as told, it was a traditional 1930’s 3- speed everyday bike. Dad stripped it and soaked the gears/brakes in paraffin ( I think), spent hours getting it working, then added drop handlebars, painted the frame orange, mudguards white and even added decals (a Viking long ship ) to make it look as shop bought as possible. The size of it was mind blowing compared to me and I took a fair few tumbles but there was no way I was going to give in and crush Dad. After a week I had mastered it ! though I had so many scabs the locals thought the Black Death had returned. I however couldn’t keep up with the lads with their uber lightweight 10 speed dedicated racing bikes and suffered many a piss take which I countered of course. In equestrian terms it was the difference between riding an Arabian and a Shire.

But I loved that Bike and was in awe of my father and even now thankful for both and the life lessons learned.




An orange and white bicycle


Dad found an old rusty bike at the tip

he didn’t have money to spare

so one winter’s eve he began to strip

each part, cleaning with care.

Sanding and painting with such skill

pals said it must’ve cost dear,

orange and white I can picture it still

a bike for Christmas that year !



      1. That’s funny, I was just thinking earlier today about how we started that and that I want to write more. It’s a fun form, even more fun with the erotica. Ha, I think you’re right, we must write it well.

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      2. Easy Tiger ! or we’ll have to talk via messenger Ha ! Actually given the interest lets do some more. Everyone’s too shy so we’ll skip the ‘join in’ do Acrostic erotica 2, send me yours to put on, maybe a ‘voices’ ? push the erotic a bit ?

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      3. email/fb messenger then the comments won’t duplicate. What do you think 3 each ? + voices .Jesus colleen I’ll have to be careful with the ‘voices………..!!!’ stick to music rather than sound effects ha ha !

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      4. Okay, sounds good. Do you want them all at once or one at a time? Haha! “Stick to music rather than sounds effects” makes me laugh so much. These will be good. Can’t wait to write them and hear them.

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    1. Sorry miss ! We invited others to contribute in the comments with their own last time, but apart from Davy no one did, I bet you’d be able to rustle up a few Ms Diana ? Explicit ok but nothing crude, always poetic.
      This started with a childhood memory…sorry Dad !!!

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