WHEN I’M GONE v2 – written & spoken





When I am gone

I will leave no shadow behind

when I am gone.

Just a few keepsakes for you to find.

Bits and bobs that I’d once held dear,

back of drawer smiles, a single tear.


I will leave no sorrow behind

when I am gone.

Perhaps odd small pieces of my mind.

Only bad jokes and all my crazy stuff,

not all of it of course but just enough.


I will leave no worry behind

when I am gone.

Think only of me as one who was kind,

and each dawn face life burning bright,

but sleep like an infant come the night.


I will not leave you behind,

when I am gone.

Let not your lives to our past bind.

face the future with eyes that gleam,

I’ll be there at times when you dream.


20 thoughts on “WHEN I’M GONE v2 – written & spoken

      1. You’re very welcome. It’s going much slower than I’d like. I literally have one stanza written. Told you I write slowly. I think the problem lies with me trying to stick too closely to the original, keeping the same tone and voice. I do want to have that without it being just the same lines reworded.
        I was going to nap to refuel, but your latest lit a fire under my procrastinating ways and I am determined to finish this today.

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      2. Just a suggestion, if you can nap, with the idea you want to convey in your mind just before sleep, then the subconscious continues to work and when you wake up it’ll be there ! Turning it into a slogging match you could be counterproductive . I write quickly because I’m sometimes manic and on the edge of madness, not through choice. Refuel Colleen and great words will appear ! Trust me !

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  1. Please don’t be going anywhere soon Nigel. You have grown on me like a …. like a friendly bright moss that warms and brightens the dim forest. If course I’m not insinuating that I am dark in any way 😉

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    1. I think I can put my hand on my heart or indeed anyone else’s and state with some confidence that I’ve never been described as moss before, dull, neutral or bright ! This piece is often interpreted incorrectly as being about death when in fact it’s about nipping to the shop for a carton of milk and a scotch egg. A tad over dramatized I grant.

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