Succubus – female demon who takes human form, who appears in men’s dreams in order to seduce and control them, usually by sexual means. Almost vampire like, prolonged activity with such a creature could be fatal. But what a way to go ! Ladies have their own version the more familiar Incubus. The title is taken from the name given this type of being.


I know her scent

when the silence is turned up,

it is no thermal playful smoke

that comes, but a lover who

casts shade without light and

is shadow in the blackness.

Though a victim, prey for her needs,

I await my huntress,

who nightly possesses me at her will

for the purpose of her pleasure alone.

Is she daemon, a wraith or an angel

from heaven blessed,

I know not, only that we shall die

a thousand little deaths,

and for her I willingly give life.

The shallow and the shadow are we.


10 thoughts on “LILLIN

      1. You know Lynn, I’ve been obsessively researching everything from telekinesis to religion and ghosts to folk law and ritual magic all my life from as soon as I could read and now nothing, maybe I’ve exhausted the subjects…………….I don’t do light reading eg I used to know some muslim guys and they used to ask ‘me’ about spiritual matters in their own faith !

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      2. All very fascinating subjects, ones I also take a great interest in. You’re a well-rounded individual with a deeper understanding than most, while it is funny, it’s no wonder they’d ask you about such matters.

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      3. just got an idea and started on a piece about lovers separated by the Highland clearances, when post Jacobite rebellion 1746 the Brits destroyed the clan system and Highland way of life deporting thousands across the sea to the new world. He’s left and it wandering the glens and moors hoping to feel her essence in the places they’d shared.

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