Smith Family Hug


I joke with the kids about my family hug,

practised and perfected over many a year.

Compare shouting Yes! to a half-arsed shrug,

think of the difference, you’ll get the idea.

First you must stand about two foot away,

lean into each other but don’t quite touch

then wrap your arms loosely around and say

something a bit cheery but not loving as such.

Dad was off to be operated on, full of fear

mum touched his arm and just muttered ‘goodbye’

yet there on her cheek ran a single tear,

which she dabbed with a ‘best get on’ sigh.


3 thoughts on “SMITH FAMILY HUG

    1. I think I’ve confused everybody Lynn. It’s about how awkward my parents are at expressing affection physically. Even now, though there can be no kinder, more loving mum she almost recoils if I try to hug her ha ha ! The last bit about dad in hospital is true, even at that dire time she couldn’t give him a kiss/hug yet I know how she feels really. Becca and me are always joking about it. Mum’s a truly amazing woman but very err complex in a Brit way, eg she’ll hug the chuffin Dachshund no bother !!! ha ha

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      1. Ah, I caught the awkwardness in the last bit about your dad for sure. The feelings are there just not as openly expressed. I think I took the comparison line to mean the ‘yes!’ was a warm, intense embrace even though the rest of it has them standing apart for the hug. It’s still a good hug! I knew I should’ve gone with my instinct because it also made me think ‘ah, a hug in a Brit way.’
        Although different, this reminds me of the time my parents met my youngest son’s girlfriend for the first time. She simply tried to shake my dad’s hand, and he pulled her in for a hug. A bit awkward that moment, but he and mom are huggers.
        Ha, some people do prefer pets to other people.

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