COME SUMMER, COME WARM – written & spoken

Based on the persecution and emigration of Scottish Highland people from Clans which had supported the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite rebellions aimed at restoring the House of Stuart to the English throne in place of the House of Hanover. These political conflicts were separate from but added to what became known as the Highland Clearances which over about 100 years brought about the end of the traditional Clan system and the Highland way of life.




Come Summer, Come Warm


Come the dawn, come the day

I will search road, wood and sand

placing my foot in your steps.

I will let the close nap fern play

through my fingers as you did,

and I will quench the staid with

the sea and salt dash from far waters

blown, hoping such has once brushed

your lips afore it reaches mine.

Come the winter, come the cold

I will chase you on the wind and trip

through sleeping heather as we once did,

my hand open to feel again

what I now cannot see.

I will climb those peaks where

only cold crystal can be, beseeching

eagles for chance word of you,

hoping to catch your whispers by

mercy granted, on our tired

wan morns.

Come the spring, come the new

I will cross the vast, over dark waters,

my face to the west, where the sun bids me come.

My eyes never shut even when closed.

Neptune will surely deem ours a worthy cause,

his tears at such love apart making swift passage.

I will not look back to glen and burn,

look back for what is no more.

I carry our way in my heart,  

in my blood, and there it pulses still.

Come the summer, come the warm

I will kiss you.


10 thoughts on “COME SUMMER, COME WARM – written & spoken

    1. I probably mentioned my interest in the 1745 before, and it was sparked again by re-reading an account of a clansman from clan Cameron who went into hiding post Culloden while his wife escaped over seas. The account wasn’t complete, only snippets so I went for the happy ending. Thank you Roland

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