This piece is about a local landmark. Hopefully self explanatory , I’ve included the song as it illustrates the point, the band being called ‘The Elephant Trees’ , the band being from the town.



The Elephant Trees


They’re just trees,

a small copse up on the brow

above the town yet some children see

what they believe to be,

amongst the branches, twigs and leaves

an elephant standing there, even now.

It’s vague

and could be many a creature

but has always been that same one,

ever there in the sun

But it’s odd as there’s no trunk,

an elephant’s defining feature.


for decades have gazed at the hill,

fiercely claiming those elephant trees

swaying in the breeze.

My sister when small

fell prey to its pull and loves all elephants still.

5 thoughts on “THE ELEPHANT TREES

  1. Excellent stuff, Nige ! I’d never heard of the landmark or the band but I listened to the song and was blown away. Those lyrics! Also found and listened to their “90 degrees”. Very cool, gritty sound. What was I doing at their age? Probably wishing I was half as cool and talented. Love the association in your poem and the lyrics between what children see/believe.

    Liked by 1 person

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