THE STOLEN ORANGE – by Brian Patten

I just wanted to share this piece of art by one of my favourite Poets of the moment. There have been of late, and ever will be, speculation on the mind of the Poet . Most of us must at some time sense we think about and view the world differently to most people. This is beautifully illustrated with a brilliant, simple denouement.

The idea to share this came from ‘ROLAND’S RAGBAG – favourites series  and ‘INSIDE THE MIND OF DavyD – poetical motivations series, both excellent resources for Poets.


The Stolen Orange

When I left I stole an orange
I kept it in my pocket
It felt like a warm planet

Everywhere I went smelt of oranges
Whenever I got into an awkward situation
I’d take out the orange and smell it

And immediately on even dead branches I saw
The lovely and fierce orange blossom
That smells so much of joy

When I went out I stole an orange
It was a safeguard against imagining
There was nothing bright or special in the world



17 thoughts on “THE STOLEN ORANGE – by Brian Patten

    1. Thanks Roland for the links, I’ll see if I can get it on catch-up. Just read the Cope piece, so different in style, so alike in sentiment, they both have me wondering what other small objects poets view in the same manner.


      1. I have not, this is why I enjoy your blog so much Roland, for someone with a need to learn such as I have, coupled with no formal education in verse or literature generally, your site is a treasure trove. I shall follow that link for sure. Thank you.


  1. This poem is a perfect example of how poets view the world using all of their senses, seeing something more than the ordinary and really experiencing it. Patten has a great style. Simple, straight forward, and indeed brilliant. I’m actually waiting on the anthology “The Mersey Sound” to arrive.

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      1. SLEEPY – Patten

        Sleepy, you had nothing to tell me.
        Yet in such moments was no song
        nor sound nor laugh nor anything so pure
        as the silence with which you presented me.
        Spilt over into oblivion and then spilt back again.
        You came back speechless.
        O planet face !
        I still smell the forest in your neck !
        Still taste the stream in your mouth !
        And your kiss that dropped on to my skin
        like rain still shivers there !

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      1. You are welcome Nigel, it is fascinating right 🙂 For example a member of my people is Novak Djokovic -tennis as, Nikola Tesla great scientist. But we all belong to the same race, the human race.I think the world needs to do more to unite

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      2. Tesla is a hero of mine, an unsung hero. And I agree, cultures should be studied, understood and celebrated not just visited on a package holiday ! It would be an extremely boring world if we were all the same

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  2. An excellent poem Nigel and thank you for sharing it. The poem is so simplistic in its reading but contains so much in its interpretation. Thank you for the mention, it is very much appreciated.

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