To blow one’s own trumpet


Most lad wants to do well for their parents

to receive the praise

bask in the glow of adulation of their

impressed gaze

saying the lad listens well to what

a father says.


It was just so at first

then the bubble burst.


As my hand before my face,

it was Thursday, summer

corned beef fritters for tea.

I got an A in maths dad !

And I basked

best of all everyone else did rubbish !

And it burst.


Indeed ‘heroes & zeros ‘ was written for me

as crushed he said no one loves a smart arse,

its not done to blow one’s own trumpet see ?

and I stood dashed amidst praise now sparse,


But no, I had spoilt it,

damn my schoolboy arrogance and bad manners !


I encourage my kids its ok to win

and to try try their best to learn,

but keep it quiet so as not to sin,

or their face for years will burn.


9 thoughts on “TO BLOW ONE’S OWN TRUMPET

  1. This excellent poem brings back a lot of memories Nigel. It was a combination of Northern and Catholicism that kept pride and euphoria under a rock. I think your last four lines sum it up perfectly. You and Roland must have been posh having those delicacies.

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