VOICES 14 – Colorfulpen




A selection of work by Lynn Burton at Colorfulpen . Lynn and myself, despite living on opposite sides of the Atlantic have become close friends through our mutual love of the Poetic Arts.  Occasionally you just meet someone who your mind is entangled with, not surprising given the nature of poetry. I hope you enjoy the following, the words of an American Poet and the voice of Northern England – the Texan & the Tyke.


Heat flickers beneath a blissful dream
an insatiable hunger leaves me breathless,
dances at the edge of a shimmering spring.
Remove doubt,
let down fear unseen.
Echo-spilled spice
peppers a soft, curling breeze.
Whispers melt, cue the dawn.
Don’t wake me from this dream.






If You Were a Poem

If you were a poem

would you be an ode,

showered with praise,

beautiful words in a serenade

or maybe a sonnet

romantic in nature,

live eternal in hearts,

quicken pulse to start,

devour surging lust

from dawn ’til dusk,

or even a senryu

to express emotion

evoked by you – simply being –

never the bawdy limerick

though your humor shines quick,

like the brightest star in the skies.

Oh, if you were a poem

my pen would flow them,

a steady stream of words

to flood a million blank pages.





The night can’t stand us being apart.
Dreams flicker-dance in shadows,
the moon’s tears streak silver
down my face.
I leave a door ajar
so darkness melts freely
and spills a rose-dawn breeze
that carries your whispers
and makes my heart skip a beat.

Morning Sky


Even the clouds know
and don’t tiptoe
around what they want to say,
they kissed my morning
and painted your soft whispers
stealing my breath away.
Even the blackbird knows
and circles slow
like languid fingers at play
along heated flesh
wings spread in flight
he knows our someday.
Even the treetops know
and gently blow
in a subtle sway
their branches reach
far and wide
embracing true hearts in sun’s rays.


4 thoughts on “VOICES 14 – Colorfulpen

  1. Nige ! I’m so overjoyed right now!! You move me beyond words with your talent and thoughtfulness. I love that intro, all of the accompanying music, and I love hearing your voice read my words. It’s done with the utmost care and I just couldn’t be any happier with this! To say thank you doesn’t even come close to my level of gratitude. I cherish these pieces so much as you bring something really special to them, and I cherish you, my dear friend. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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