An imperceptible moment

At break of dawn,

when day transgresses night,

and all is a beginning,

there is hidden a gossamer thread therein,

slight as butterfly song and the tired

sigh of spring flower bloom.

Do not seek reveal from time, he is bold

and brash and of the answer knows nothing.

Time holds no dominion, this wonder is

within him concealed.

It is the imperceptible moment when dawn begins.

When love announces itself with fury,

laying bold claim,

it knows not of it’s own birth.

When men of science say with hearty voice,

our machine tells of life’s beginning,

and it’s end, they estimate only.

Nature keeps these moments to herself,

for there rest her secrets.



    1. Thank you Davy, it was born from a thought that woke me up, concerning quantum physics and how it works beyond everyday Newtonian physics. The quantum world has ,to me, more in common with spirit, it is imperceptible hence the analogy.

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