I’m going through a bad patch, even by my standards. I won’t let my dark cloud put you in the shade by giving details, suffice to say I had to contact a civil servant on a matter that required an official response.

Before the official response however, he sent the following email.

I’m very sorry to learn of your personal circumstances. I can only imagine the difficulties and concerns it must be causing you.

I’ll respond formally to your email shortly but wanted to express my sincere condolences to you.

The kindness of strangers,

A beautiful thing.



A beautiful thing

It took no effort,

a staccato rattle of plastic clicks,

a finger punch send.

It took no time,

a few tawdry spare seconds,

vapid time dispersed within a sigh.

But it was a beautiful thing,

both precious and rare,

only from strangers can you be sure

kindness given is just that,

a gift not for you alone,

from perfected soul,

humanity has a chance I thought

and I smiled, caring not for pain

but embracing life.

11 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL THING

  1. What beautiful inspiration, Nigel. This posts shows me how much you appreciate things and that is a great quality. I hope whatever you are going through works out and you can gather strength and wisdom from it along the way. Always here if you need someone to talk to.

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    1. Thank you Sara, the other thing that gave me a lift recently was hearing of your move with your partner to Sweden, we often only need to change one thing to alter the path we’re on and that will be the light I’m focussing on. Wishing you the very best on your new path.

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