a voice, a thought, a smile

Sometimes it is better

to leave voice as an echo,

not a sound,

a soft fading essence,

tone and timbre,

that floats and lingers,

gently nudging the world with whispered import.


Often it is best

not to bother thought once released,

place it as seed,

deep in the rich loam of memory,

to grow to bud and flower,

to then be picked and cherished

as something found.


But a smile is different,

it’s radiance should be loud,

and stain all around with garish warmth,

no voice or thought is this,

it’s need is immediate,

something that should not linger

but shine ferociously.


6 thoughts on “A VOICE, A THOUGHT, A SMILE

  1. Speak softly, smile brightly, yes? Genuine smiles don’t take any thought and often speak volumes. I love the gentleness in this and how it reads like a soft whispering echo and warm smile all in one. I simply adore your words!

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