The music chosen is the ‘Anniversary Waltz’ by the tenor Jan Pearce. As a boy, I had a habit of picking up music when ever and where ever . One day, to everyone’s bewilderment I came back with Jan Pearce – Yiddish Folksongs . Like all traditional folk songs from whatever culture, there is a power, a poignancy derived from tradition and sadly adversity, I was 14y and loved the songs I heard, I’m now 53y and love them still . The sweeping sound of this song , its sheer beauty, moves me every time I hear it. I decided to use this because it is associated with long happy marriage.  


A re-write of an earlier poem

I fear to miss her special day


I fear to miss her special day,

when all her beauty,

without and within cannot be held,

but leaps at life and is wondrous,

wondrous as a kiss between sun and moon.

She will turn Gothic stone into

flawless marble that day, and the

air will be filled with rose scent

floating on the crackling static

about the chosen few, as their heads

swivel hoping to claim first sight.

And I will smile, when alone, silently

holding her favourite stuffed toy,

watching her sleep one last time,

in a room forever hers, before the morn.

And the music will sing

‘Behold the bride !’

and I will see only my little girl,

my beautiful child.

I know on that day, the love she feels

will not be for me alone,

and though another man

has stolen my throne,

my blessing I will gladly give.

6 thoughts on “I FEAR TO MISS HER SPECIAL DAY–written & spoken

  1. Beautiful poetry Nigel. I have a very thick police interrogation techniques manual if you ever need to delay for any reason. I always leave it out when my daughter brings boyfriends round. The throne is still in my possession.

    Liked by 1 person

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