GENERATIONS v2 – written & spoken



Generations v2


Cake crumbs tumble from eager lips

as small hands wipe buttercream,

smears on school trousers,

watched by dew laden pale eyes,

that sparkle still under a creased

brow and the lock of a white hair

question mark, that seems to ask

what he’s thinking.

The old face, lights up as young

legs tap in time to her favourite song.

She loved to sing.

He hears her still

when the lad comes calling, asking to

hear the old tunes , with tea & cake,

sat in a well worn chair scented with

strange pipe aromatics, the smoke resting,

spent from working the heat of hot coal.

Young eyes look again, hinting, at the

box on the hearth.

An old smile given consent and it’s opened.

Bits and bobs placed with reverence on

the chair arm, the beautiful singer, cap badges,

cigarette cards, each has a story heard before,

that young ears want to hear again

and an old voice again wants to tell.

6 thoughts on “GENERATIONS v2 – written & spoken

    1. Thank you very much Roland, I must confess the piece is not from my personal experience as I lost both Grandfathers when very young, yet grew up with such stories and details of them that they still have had a positive impact on my life.


  1. I enjoyed this piece Nigel, it took me back to my younger days, especially the description of the fire hearths. I used to love watching my grandparents clean the ash out of the hearth in the mornings. There was something mesmeric about it.

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