Rombold’s Moor

A place where voices are hushed,

and madness may just be heard

as stifled laughter, playing

amongst the gorse, drifting

in and out of the haze with child like


Beyond the lichen marbled Crags,                                                     

drape velvet cloaks of purple & green

which over the moorland rise and fall,

home to shade and shine from sunlight born.

Under this sea of heather and fern

something compels me to return,

for there are secrets left here to trace

upon the man riven stones.



8 thoughts on “ROMBOLD’S MOOR

    1. I’m resisting Roland, whenever I think Halloween, though not a fan, I can’t get past the Gilbert & Sullivan lines ‘When the night winds howl…….’ & ‘inky clouds like funeral shrouds’.


  1. Intriguing Nigel and a great place for a child and their imagination. What period do the stones originate from (and not the Rolling ones, I know how your mind works)?

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    1. ‘they’ think Neolithic or bronze age but they’ve found flints dating from the Mesolithic. More recent it formed part of the trade routes for salt etc. It is also, if they are real, crossed by Ley lines. The circles are of precise measurement and geometry. A friend of a friend, who lectures at Bradford uni and has presented papers at the Orkney science festival, devised a way to make these measurements possible using the sun, shadow and a staff. They were very clever people which begs the question what else did they know ?

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      1. I wonder Nigel and in their wisdom and simplicity did they know more than we do in our over complicated world. There are apparently a couple of Ley lines running through the village I live in and the village has an extraordinary amount of people involved in art, music and writing. Food for thought.

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      2. they are apparently dangerous to be near and ok to be actually on, I’ve a friend who scoffs at such things and he’s a civil engineer, specialising in water supply. I got in his car one day and was astounded to see a set of dowsing rods on the back seat ! When I quizzed him he said a few lads in his field used them, without any embarrassment regarding his anti- stance. I believe dowsers can trace leys, and a family friend used one to find a spring on his land in Devon that was flooding. He found it in 20min at the cost of a pint and a pasty ! As opposed to a survey £300 +

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