A LEAF FALLS written & spoken

This is a re-post from a couple of months ago so most of you will have read it before but I had a request for a seasonal Autumn poem and this is about as Autumnal as I get.

Whilst the song choice is a bit obvious and tongue in cheek, it is one of my favourites and sung by a man with an incredible voice.

A leaf falls

Through Autumn, long Winter and many a violent Spring storm,

always it’s leaves it kept, just now I chanced upon a falling form

as a single leaf it softly wept.

Possessed of delicate poise, a parchment piece from russet trees,

floated without sound, slowly turning, nudged by playful breeze

down towards the ground.

It was the first of it’s kind to let slip from high up where it held,

a moment of discarded worth, yet one that of the future spelled,

a sign of the tree’s rebirth.


14 thoughts on “A LEAF FALLS written & spoken

    1. Too kind, yet I’m flattered of course, for some reason I dislike Autumn ? Perhaps it’s uncertainty, what will winter bring ? then Winter comes you find out, Spring is re-birth and an improving picture then Summer’s steady as she goes Hmmm yes Autumn I’m not keen on. Thank you Diana

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      1. I love the colours, and the disappearing summer crowds. People calm down and return to work and aren’t artificially elated with cold beer 😉 Peace returns and the foliage drops so I can see the sky!

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      1. Never! You?! Look what you’ve done – I had to listen to Andy Williams in You Tube and then I found Eva Cassidy’s beautiful version. Thanks for adding sweetness to my Sunday morning!

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