Inspired by my previous Tony Walsh feature . At that time I didn’t know how to describe these short pieces until our friend Roland of Roland’s Ragbag informed me they are aperçus, a term I was not familiar with. The Oxford dictionary describes them as

“Comments or brief references that make an illuminating or entertaining point.”


A selection of aperçus


‘Swing low sweet chariot’

not the same used as an anthem

for a ball game.


A lads first ‘you’re a man now’ pint,

father & son, a timeless ritual

both proud for different reasons.


It all comes out in the wash,

including the colour.


He was larger than life

and when he died

the hole left was huge. 

If parents were honest,

farms would all have

graveyards full of dogs


She never had a dad,

just loads of men who

paid mum to be Uncle for a bit.


If god can do anything.

Can he make something

so massive even he

can’t move it ?


I wondered why I’d bothered

when my lad shouted

‘ dad ! there’s a man nailed to a cross’.


Young boys buying cards

for valentine’s day.

Faces redder than roses.


She never cried, she was

always ‘just being daft’.


Poor but proud, that’s

why they scrub their



Coming from the funeral

they agreed they all felt better,

 except the bloke in the box.


Despite the Doctor saying

Myocardial Infarction flawlessly,

It was something else.

Kids believe in Santa as long

as parents want them too,

they’re not stupid enough to risk it.


I like to think there actually

is a train full of gravy.


Wanna be hard men

walk like they’ve got a pebble

between their arse cheeks


He wanted to make a difference,

so sat in a local Cafe

not Starbucks


The man really wanted to help

so long as  it was over a beer

and I didn’t talk about my problems.


Life is tough for some when

the bread won’t fit in the

toaster properly.


The real burden he carried

was the soap box

on his back.



    1. Thank you for your comment and your continuing inspiration Roland . When I think of my mother now at 87, in constant pain, who will not stop and says ‘ you’re a long time dead’ I marvel at the strength of character of our women folk.

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  1. Nigel hi,

    you are doing great job here. For some people everything is heavy load. I know a few people who tried to kill themselves. When I listen to them and their reasons , I think I should’ve been dead a long time ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi my friend, thank you ‘what doesn’t kill makes you stronger’ as the saying goes. I’m far too stubborn to give in ! Really like the new Gravatar Ben, I don’t know why but this image matches the mental one I’d formed from reading your words.

      Liked by 1 person

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