VIGNETTE – “a brief evocative description, account, or episode”

Vignettes 1


There came upon me like a final act,

a sky so leaden

it sank to within touch.

and should I pierce it’s bloat

the land would become sea.



It was a silence complete,

a such perfect peace

that the clock gifted the moment

a few of it’s minutes,

darkness ceased all shadow play

lest it should disturb the air

and thought blushed into silence.



It is when you can hear her eyes

speak, and see her voice play

over the bow of her lips, and

taste the scent of her warmth,

when memory can not create

a more worthy image than that

which is ever there in your mind,

that you know you are in love.



Teddy Bears, smog and diesel sullied

would ride the grills of refuse wagons,

tied in place,

I don’t know why.

Now they are tied to railings, in the

fresh air, surrounded by flowers,

and I know why.

I preferred them on wagons.

9 thoughts on “VIGNETTE 1

  1. I enjoyed these vignettes Nigel, the last one in particular is hard hitting. I have recently been reading and studying Edgar Allen Poe’s, Spirit’s of the Dead for the radio slot, written in this form. We all must be sat on the same Lay Line.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve logging all of these ‘creative coincidences’ for some time Davy, sure looks like something ?
      Poe, of course All Hallows, I don’t normally do Halloween pieces but not for the first time our friend Roland gently sowed a seed in a comment, no doubt knowing I couldn’t resist ha ha, and now I’ve a couple done !

      Liked by 2 people

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