Thoughts when viewing ‘Tannenwald’ 1902 by Gustav Klimt



Ramrod sentries of kaleidoscope colours and shade

guard a florid walk leading to fern and amber glade,

past petals of white chalk.

Does one void free will if you venture into the dark ?

Do you forever stay, if, once entranced by vibrant bark,

amongst the pines you lay.

Or can the curious be sated, keeping all at arms length,

it’s secret to learn, fighting against the drawing strength

of amber, teal and fern


  1. This is lovely, Nige ! Great choice of painting. It fits beautifully because, like the painting, I don’t just see what’s in front of me when I read these words, but feel the amazing depth and become absorbed in them, the thought provoking questions, the weaving of a skillful wordsmith that takes me some place deeper.

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  2. I enjoy Klimt’s work Nigel. There is an aura around his paintings that draw you in. I like the questions you pose in your poetry as they capture the essence of Klimt’s art. Another good and thought provoking piece of poetry.

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