HELLO ! – a true story

For a full account of this see GHOST STORY

For a brief and strange account of coincidence see A STRANGE TALE OF SYMBOLS




From the mouths of babes the saying goes,

so young and having not yet learnt to lie

everything they think on their face shows.

So when asleep between us I saw his eye

suddenly spring open I immediately froze.

He sat up, losing his dummy and with a sigh

stared into the dark saying repeated hello’s,

the only word that he said,

to somebody not there,

at the corner of the bed,

as he continued to stare,

into the pitch black.


3 thoughts on “HELLO ! – a true story

  1. Ahh! This is so good! Having heard it makes it that much spookier! Your reading of it, the pacing, is chilling in the best way! Gave me goosebumps, Nige !
    ‘A Strange Tale of Symbols’ is indeed strange. I find coincidences like that extremely fascinating.

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