INSOMNIA–written and spoken





the solitary airs are here,

friend to the absence of light

and all is quietude sheer,

I bow to affliction’s might,

my body a twisted figurine,

alone in the dark between.


with torment and the clock

disguising minutes as hours

as the hands seem to mock

with their agonizing slow.


through the glass pane I gaze

at the beacon that I can see,

it’s soft calming amber rays

there looking back at me,

it’s loyal night time bright,

through the autumn fall tree,

completely claims my sight

until my dreams are all I be.


8 thoughts on “INSOMNIA–written and spoken

  1. Makes for a long night when time seems to slow. Insomnia is rough, I know, but you write about it with such elegance, Nige. That light is mesmerizing as are your words. Light in the darkness can be a welcoming, calming presence. I hope those dreams are sweet, my dear friend.

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  2. You have captured the feelings of insomnia excellently Nigel. I don’t know if it was deliberate, but each time I read it the reading became slower. A good thought provoking piece to start the week. Have a good Samhain.

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