We who haunt

Does anything remain of fury

once voice and deed fade,

a lingering invisible presence

from troubled thought made,

that stains and poisons the air

and skulks through the years

smothering the unwary mind

with dark thoughts and fears.


Does it from myth and belief

take what mantle or guise

it can, reaping our nightmares

giving life to fables and lies,

so the ghosts of the past are

from our imagination born,

we are the ones who haunt

not they who we mourn.

8 thoughts on “WE WHO HAUNT

  1. Nige ! What a wonderful, thoughtful surprise! I love this so very much! And Bauhaus?! Excellent choice as always. This is definitely a thinker! I’m gonna go read it again, for about the tenth time, and study that photo some more. You’re the best, Nige !

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      1. And you never cease to amaze me! Bauhaus was one of the bands you shared with me a while back and I’d gone looking for a lot of their music at the time. When I heard this start, I was thinking ‘I know this tune’. Great explanation to this piece. There’s always those interwoven elements that you do so well. I saw fury for what it is, anger, and how it tends to leave a lasting impression. I also saw it as a spirit type thing that afflicts people/nature.
        Definitely we’re more haunted by our own demons than anything else.
        I always say the photos are so well chosen. This one is no different. I see the duality in the hands, the ‘imprint’ you mention as anger, also as an internal balance. The shadows seem to be a part of ourselves, good or bad. The light as well as the fireplace, makes me think of light and dark, maybe some clarity along the way. And the door of course, although closed, an openness to possibilities and a defining symbol of transition. Or there could just be a lot of demons behind it and should remain closed. Excellent write, as always, Nige ! I’m still so delighted by this.

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    1. A two layer piece Davy, the first verse is about the theory that high emotion, in this case anger, leaves an imprint on the ether which has energy, this can then effect people straying into it’s zone. Taking it a step further the person feeling the effect also provides substance or form from their own subconscious . Thus it only takes a couple of sightings of ‘the white lady’ and evermore is this reinforced as folk expect to see just that and unwittingly feed it.
      The second verse is just as you said, our own demons can be so real as to take on a life of their own.

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      1. Interesting thoughts Nigel. I totally agree about the theories around energy as I have experienced things around this in my time in the police. I often wondered when speaking to serious criminals whether it was the minds preconceptions and subconscious that helped reinforce the aura around them.

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      2. Most of the time Nigel. You sometimes got a feeling something was not right and you couldn’t put a finger on it. I was taught by some good coppers who always told me if things weren’t right at least engage the person in conversation. So much used to develop from there. It is so much harder now, as the Police are losing that face to face contact with the public.

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