I lay upon the summer park

with it’s baize bedded on hard, heat forged earth.

And though the clouds had rallied,

still the heat and shine I felt,

the sun lighting the clouds inside,

like a torch wielding child delaying bedtime.

The promise of a breeze, yet undecided,

dithered back and forth,

in time with the fading rust squeaks

of an abandoned swing, it’s passenger

unable to resist the music box chime

of ice cream vans .

I caught a hint of spice from

the just shorn grass fleece,

by gentle hands warmed,

more an intention than a scent.

And I watched the ecstatic prance of

an Irish Setter, the chestnut sheen coat

stealing light to accent it’s graceful gait,

tongue draped from the side of it’s mouth

like a Page boy’s satin tie.


Oh to be again in that place,

at that time.


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