The boy with the giant pie

Back home he sat in a chair,

glazed in a contented stare.

For this day was like no other,

now heroes were his brother.

Twas when the lunch bell rang

that his rise to godhood began,

from his lunch box he revealed

a monster that lay concealed.

With two hands he gripped,

wrapper with teeth he ripped,

and stood under the lights

as he took a couple of bites.


Suddenly came a piercing cry

as kids just could not believe,

a boy could eat such a pork pie

surely the crust he would leave

eye’s much bigger than belly,

was said with doubting nods

as he slowly ate pork and jelly,

and pastry made by the gods.

‘will you just look at the size,

the girls said with a wink,

now drawn to large scale pies,

as it visibly started to shrink.

Twas indeed a short crust beast

and could feed a family of five

or a heroes lunch break feast

assuming he would survive.

Finally he ate the last crumb,

a legend throughout the school,

and though his jaw was numb

he’d become the king of cool.


12 thoughts on “THE BOY WITH THE GIANT PIE

    1. It’s a true-ish story about Matt ! A couple of weeks ago Jo forgot his lunch, so being a lazy 14 y boy he raided the fridge and found a family sized pie and took it (no loss !) The attention he got eating a giant pie was baffling, but he’s now a legend in his own lunch-time !

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