A Poem Lost

A Colorfulvoice piece

L. Burton

hopper 1An easy exit table 
she’s half in, half out
yet drawn to the promise 
of a warming midnight reprieve,
hoping to find solace in nursed coffee.
Her thoughts swirl in tune with idle stir
as headlamp washes reveal blurred
moments of knowing not seen.
Curling ribbons of steam
rise upon drawn reflection, 
mingle with words
forming frayed edges of verse
as slowly a poem is found.

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6 thoughts on “A Poem Lost

    1. Thank you Davy, it was a joint venture, I’ve never written a piece jointly and the process intrigued me. Lynn kindly agreed to give it a go . It was enjoyable most definitely and was interesting how, once in the flow, two different minds were opening similar doors.

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