A name

My son called me by this name

in the deep tone of flowering manhood.

To some it will sound puerile,

to me it was a gift,

a treasure beyond earthly value,

it was a talisman,

the knowledge of a deep love,

of a sacred bond,


between father and son.

It was a knowing, 

of memories shared,

of a childhood’s import,

and though time’s march ceases not,

we are eternal,

He called me



9 thoughts on “A NAME

  1. Nigel, there is nothing puerile whatsoever about this strong and deep joy as your son – now a man – called yuh Daddy. It was showing honour to the bond you have and always had.

    Your poem is very beautiful and shows the love and respect between parents and child that with luck will always be there. Nourishment for both sides.


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    1. A beautiful piece of poetry Nigel. It captures the innocence of the moment and the strength and courage of the bond between Father and Son. The line, “we are eternal” sums it all up.

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