It is with childlike wonder I smile,

as the fading dark reveals only white.

All colour has been drained,

a new ‘paint by numbers’ picture.

Jack Frost,

has done a good job, for the sun cannot,

with it’s dry heat, bleach the world better.

Everything is still, preserved.

The Robin,

in the Beech looks perplexed,

finding himself in this skeletal land

where the flesh of greens and browns

has gone, leaving crystal twig bones,

moreish red berries now cold pearls.

And the air is frozen dust,

patiently waiting it’s turn to sink

and become frost.


6 thoughts on “FROST

  1. Stunning, Nige ! This makes me smile with wonder, too. I’ve often viewed winter as dreary but this gives me a whole new outlook! I especially love the Robin in the skeletal land, the use of flesh/bones, and the berries as cold pearls. And those last three lines simply take my breath away. All of it, brilliant word painting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful Nigel, you have captured the early winter so vividly.
    I still look with childish wonder when the first snow falls, transforming the landscape
    totally. You drive this forward with each stanza and description.
    I love the Robin and his now frozen berries…….

    Liked by 1 person

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