the face of my god


I do not stand before you a poor man,

for I have touched the face of my god,

his skin is of tree bark, rock,

and rich loam,

his eyes the sun and moon

his breath the cool air of home.


I stand before you tall and proud,

for I have heard my god’s voice,

his tone is of river, field, wood

and crashing sea.

His verse from all that exists

with their sound tumbling free.


I am here and that is all I need

and I know my god’s thoughts,

they are mine and of kindness,

and brotherly love.

And I know that my god is you and I

and all that is, below and above.

11 thoughts on “THE FACE OF MY GOD

  1. Thank you Nigel. This poem is just so wonderful and you reading it is perfect.
    I was totally taken aback first as I am writing a poem on exactly the same theme. Eerie.
    I will finish it but not post as yours is being saved so I can go back and read.


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      1. I love those theories. They’re your truth and I share them as well. It did feel like a tumbler, a really strong piece, Nige ! My first read of the day and I think it sets the tone for my day which is to say it’s definitely a highlight and I’m going to enjoy reading it again and again. It truly inspires.

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  2. A moving commentary on the religious life, Nigel. I believe you feel as I do, that religion is to be found in Nature, not in all the pomp and circumstance of formalised faiths, although I accept that brings it’s own comforts to some, as it once did for me.

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  3. Remarkable! A beautiful read this afternoon as I’m finishing work and about to head out into a stormy evening for the drive home. In other words, God’s voice is a rough one today but I shall nevertheless listen in awe if lightning strikes.

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  4. This is so Shamanic in its reading Nigel. An excellent piece of poetry. I have been pondering the God concept recently and reading the Shamanic viewpoint. Your poem sums it up perfectly.

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